Reflections of a Socially Awkward Teen

22 Mar

I never know what to say to people who say “Wassup” or “Sup”. What are you supposed to say? Usually I just say “hey” or “eh…nothing much, how about you?” or the infamous response in the How-To-Not-Be-So-Awkward Handbook (for Dummies), the Repeat-what-they-say-including-their-expression-and-tone. So sometimes I just say “sup” back, and I think that makes it more awkward, because they know I don’t say that, and I just can’t think of anything right to say in response to it. Well, there’s also people like that who just have an entire dialogue of “Sups” and “Wassups” that it’s stupid. Anyone else feel the same way or is as socially awkward as me?



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