The princess syndrome.

22 Mar

Sometimes you’ve got to remember that there are over 6 billion lives going on at the same time — it’s not just yours, and you cannot expect to be the top priority of other people, all the time. There’s got to be a give and take somewhere in between it all, an exchange and trade and bestowal of gifts, whether they be physical aid or inspirational, spiritual encouragement. Can you imagine a world where 6 billion people all lived like spoiled princesses and rich brats? That may just be the earthly version of h-e-double-hockey-sticks. I always hear people complaining, saying things like “Why won’t he text me? Why won’t he talk to me? Why can’t he always be there for me or listen to me when I don’t feel good?” Guess what, honey, he has a life too. Perhaps you should get one, instead of constantly relying on other people to pamper you up and make you feel good. That’s why girls are so annoying, why they’re so bitchy. Your entire life is dependent upon other people, you exploit them, practically, for your own purposes. You’ve never stopped to think about if you making people tend to your personal needs and desires is making them feel annoyed, tired. You just sit there and whine and complain, and you never try to understand. The rest of the 6-point-something billion people in the world were not made by God to tend to you alone. You need to get it in your head that in the big picture, you are nothing. Just a life in a sea of billions. A particle, a sand, an atom, a mote. That’s all you are. Now it’s time you start acting like one and humbling yourself a little and stop acting like you are the freaking Princess of the Earth.


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