23 Mar

How can you expect everyone to get A’s when the only possible way for a person to get an A is to only miss 3 questions or less. I missed 4, and I thought that was pretty good. Seriously? I thought that would be an A, but it’s only a B+. I got an 89.47% on Sarkar’s evolution test she expected everyone to get an A on. You know, she made the test less questions, only 40 instead of 50, but that was just an impediment, and not aid in the slightest. I would have for sure gotten at least an A- if it were a longer test. How can she expect everyone to all get A’s when the questions refer back to last year’s material, and she didn’t even mention some of it. Some questions were also worded extremely weirdly. This was one of our more blind tests that we took. Many questions were just things she thought she could put on the test, but didn’t have much to do with what we were learning and reading in our books.


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  1. eri March 25, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    haha, tiffy. don’t take her comment about expecting everyone to get As so seriously. an 89% is GOOD. don’t stress about it.

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