“Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do.”

5 Apr

Read this blog post: “I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.” by Dan Pearce. -> http://www.danoah.com/2011/11/im-christian-unless-youre-gay.html

It is an amazing post, and I think everyone needs to read it. I’m Christian, and honestly, there are a few things I do disagree with in that post, but overall it hits its target.

Where has all the love gone? Every human being deserves and should be accepted, loved — built up, not constantly torn down and smashed on the ground.

The title for this post expresses it perfectly. People judge, look down on, or are disgusted by others because they act different, or do things that society deems disgusting, wrong, filthy, or sinful. But which of us deems the weight of different sins? We all sin, there is no denying that. Not one day has gone by where we have not sinned and turned away from God, whether we know it or not. Who said that being homosexual or prostitution is any worse than the sin of lying or being disrespectful to our elders? God determines the weight of our sins, we don’t. Our judgment and the judgment of others is for God to decide, not us. Who are we to judge what others have done? Yes, I believe that homosexuality is 100% a sin. (Gasp.) I am a believer, I believe that God created marriage to be the unification of a man and a woman to be one pure, complete flesh, and that out of their love, a child may be born. Obviously, for homosexuals, it doesn’t work that way. But how are homosexual people any worse than adulterers or prostitutes in that aspect? They aren’t. Perhaps it is a sin, but do we condemn people in an affair or divorcees or men who watch porn the same way? No. Our society thinks nothing of a marriage without love, or a relationship of just sex and lust! I don’t remember the statistic, but there are tons of kids being born out of wedlock. What do we think about their parents? Hell, we’ve even had tons of presidents or inspirational world leaders be caught in scandals of affairs, but we don’t condemn their character. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and Mao Zedong both suffered immensely from syphilis?

Jesus hung out with the drunkards, tax collectors, disabled, and the prostitutes. He ate with them and lovingly welcomed them into his home with open arms. Did he ever discriminate against them? They were the scum of society, the least deserving of his comfort, blessings, miracles, and salvation. Yet, those were the people he loved and wanted. He did not try to save the self-righteous, pedantic Pharisees. They were the “good people”, they were the great teachers of society, they were the ones who everyone thought would definitely, absolutely get into God’s kingdom. Everyone tried to be like them, and they sure were stuck up about their righteousness. As Jonathan Bethke said in his poem video on YouTube Why I hate religion, but love Jesus, “Church isn’t a museum for good people, it’s a hospital for the broken.” Jesus was not looking for the people who believed they had already found and had the Truth, but those who were lost, those who are broken, those who suffer silently in the slums and empty houses. Those who are undeserving of love and redemption, but yearn for it anyway with all their heart, soul, and mind. But we are all broken, whether we believe it or admit it or not. We are all lost, we are all impure, we are all broken, basically beyond repair. But Jesus came to be our Healer, Jesus came to die to purify our sins with the blood of condemned innocence. He didn’t say that he came to die only for normal people, only people who aren’t murderers or adulterers or gays, he came to die to save us all. And he left the judging up to God. He never said that no one was unworthy of coming to him for comfort or acceptance or love. As long as anyone wanted it, he would gladly accept him. Normally, one would think that because Jesus was so pure and sinless, he would never be able to even touch or look at a filthy, broken sinner such as a prostitute or drunk. He was perfect, everyone believes, and completely pure, and he wouldn’t be able to mingle with sinners because his purity will become defiled. But that is a human, earthly condition. Guess what? For God/Jesus, holiness and purity does not become dirty and impure, the impure becomes pure. There’s always this crazy misconception that Jesus came down, with his halo and perfect white clothes, inability to be tempted, and walked (glided) six inches above the ground. He didn’t. He came down as a man. Let me repeat that for you. The Son of God came down as a Man (a normal one!) and mingled with sinners and then died for them. Hah, the Pharisees were merely men, and they were self-righteous. What then, should Jesus’ personality have been? Yet, he didn’t come down as a God or king, in glory and fame and royalty, but he came down as a humble carpenter and greeted the people atop a foal, the offspring of a donkey. Think about that.

I believe that our human, hypocritical judgment is one of the worst sins of them all. We are called to love indiscriminately, not to shun or abandon our neighbors. When we judge, we do not even give them a chance for redemption. It is the worst kind of betrayal and hatred. We cannot possibly love completely and unconditionally people we judge. The thing with judgment is that it is a split-second reaction. It does not allow any room for love, or even possibility of love. That’s the problem. When we judge, it comes naturally. When we see that person, that’s the first thing that comes to our mind, what we think of them. And it is incredibly difficult to see past that.

I am in no way saying that I don’t judge. I do it, everyone does it. But I just wish we could give each other a chance, and not just judge someone because they do things differently or do things that are more “sinful” than your own. Just worry about your own life and your own sins, and strive to please God and spread his Word through Love, a love that is both captivating and infectious, so that perhaps we may be a beacon of light in a world full of accusing and wrongful condemnations. Because if people are able to see firsthand, embodied in us, that our God and faith is really all about love, they may realize that people who go by the name of “Christian” are not only those who sententiously judge and condemn, and God’s message may not be cut short or rejected so easily by the hurt and the broken.


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