22 Apr

I haven’t been blogging much these days, and when I do it tends to be about unimportant, non-profound things, and that really bothers me. It frustrates me that I can’t think linearly, but I guess all scatterbrained, spasmodic people have to deal with this. It’s tough to get my thoughts on paper (or in this case, on the computer) and it’s tough to stay on topic and not get carried away by digressions and random tangents or meaningless connections my mind makes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. It’s a way for me to unclutter the thoughts in my brain and a way for me to sort feelings out or store interesting thoughts in my ludicrously strange mind.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I would like to really thank the girl who got me started with blogging. She should know who she is, so I’m not going to

I admit it — I did start with Tumblr, and I did get caught up with the pretty, too-good-to-be-true cliches and vintage pictures, song lyrics, and pics; but what I loved the most was the rare blogger who actually blogged about his life and made himself sound human and relatable to his readers. (Hey, it’s because our generation doesn’t have Xanga! I used to think Xanga was a purely social networking site, just like MySpace, and not a blog.) I respected the people who actually really sit down and try to look at their life and the world from a not-so-biased or narrowminded perspective. I tried to blog about my life on Tumblr, but it was so awkward because everyone you kind of know is following you, but they judge because they don’t necessarily know you very well or even at all. The amazing girl who got me started with Tumblr also got me started with WordPress, though indirectly.

I wish I would have the courage to blog a bit more about things on Tumblr, but even more on here. I give kudos to all those people who blog indiscriminately on Tumblr and don’t care what others think, I think it requires a lot of courage to take a stance on something and spark discussion, opposition, etc. To me. though, WordPress is a place I feel I can be totally transparent before you all and work out the tangles in my brain without feeling awkward or hypocritical or insolent. People on Tumblr blog, but not really about their lives or their own problems. They tend to judge others but not themselves. WordPress is a place you can feel okay with analyzing things like your own tendencies, quirks, failures, mistakes, human condition, society, et cetera.

To basically sum up this entire post, I need to blog more. I want to blog about things with substance, things that may inspire or encourage myself or others, things that allow people so see the world from another angle, something profound and real, yet completely unique and abstract.


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