Clinging upon my only hope.

6 May

I’d like to hold onto this hope for a little while longer before being hit by reality.

If you ask me that question, I’d have to be forced to give a direct, solid answer.

But please, please let me dream just a little while longer; I know it is not much,

But it’s life-giving and empowering; something to cling onto during these times.

Because sowing the seeds of hope and wishes and letting them grow will allow

Life to truly bloom to the fullest, no matter what fate and destiny’s verdicts are;

I believe the saddest parts of life are when seeds are crushed before they had a

Chance to grow, shine, and bloom — so look up at the skies toward the heavens:

The stars are your possibilities, so don’t reject the opportunity for newness and

Change too quickly, as change shapes and molds our lives but also provides the

Variety for a full, colorful garden of endless blessings and glorious possibilities.


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