If I ate a firebug

9 May

If I ate a firebug, I would keep it as a pet

In my stomach forever, I would talk to him

And get to know him, as he fluttered around

Warming my tummy from the inside out.

If I ate a lightning bug, I would put it in the

Deepest chambers of my heart and soul

So that whenever life is clouded and I think

I’ve lost my way, it will always direct me towards

The right path, and illuminate my soul so I

Never forget who I really am inside.

If I caught a waterbug, (I wouldn’t eat it because that’s gross!),

My mama said they are reincarnations of water sprites

So I’d treat her kindly and put her in a fishtank

By my bed with a pale pink lily flower on it,

And maybe, just maybe, she will bless my dreams when I sleep.

If I ate a shooting star, my tummy would explode

Into a million beautiful pieces of starlight.

Perhaps I’ll be able to grant a little girl’s wish

From another side of the world, and she’ll be happy

And know who I am, and we’ll be best friends forever.


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