22 May

I love oldies music. I’ve spent the past few weeks listening to Pandora stations of Frank Sinatra (Fly Me to the Moon), Michael Buble (Sway, L O V E), ABBA, Simon & Garfunkel, Michael Jackson, and the Beatles. But what sucks is that I really haven’t ever listened to oldies music before, so I really don’t know any songs and artists other than the super famous ones (like the ones listed above).

I am completely in LOVE with Motown music, but I really don’t know any good bands or singers. I seriously only know popular songs (and Idk who sings them) and Boyz II Men, haha.

I also need to go back and relisten to NSYNC and Backstreet Boys and J. Lo, etc. Haha, I only know songs like Bye Bye Bye, It’s Gonna Be Me, etc…

I’m so sick of our music, and I’m obsessed with karaoke (and my karaoke’s only English songs are the ones super popular from a longgg time ago), so I’d love to know any good songs and artists. 🙂 I also hope to find a good oldies music station, other than KOIT 96.5 and 94.5. I don’t really like the songs there, and they play modern pop music half the time anyway…


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