Total (Solar) Eclipse of the Heart. ♫

22 May

Yesterday, I went with a couple of my youth group friends from my church, SJ Canaan Christian Church, to Alum Rock for a hiking trip to see the solar eclipse. I was super excited because I’ve never seen any celestial occurrences, not even a meteor shower or shooting star (not even one!) or lunar eclipse. It’s quite sad, really. We were in a group of 11 people, most were young couples or college kids and their high school brothers; Rebecca and I were the only high school girls. So of course, we sang the entire way up. ^_^ We couldn’t think of any other popular songs at that time that were catchy but not super annoyingly electronic or depressing (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele), so of course, instead we sang the songs “Drive By”, “We are Young”, and “Glad You Came”…and once in a while someone would say “Hey” and we’d break out into a high-pitched “Call Me Maybe” and everyone would groan as it atrophied their brains.

We must have sung “Drive By” the entire way up the mountain, the parody to One Direction’s desperate and shallow attempt at picking up girls, “What Makes You Beautiful”, and “We are Young” while waiting for the eclipse at the top of the hill, Coldplay songs (Viva La Vida), “Glad You Came” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the eclipse, and all the Mandopop songs we knew (Fated to Love You OSTs) the entire way down…and on the car drive there we sang Chinese songs (By2, Nicholas Teo), and on the way back, Chinese songs (Jay Chou) and all the songs that were stuck’ in our heads from the song-fest up and down the hill…”Call Me Maybe” and the “Na na” part of the “What Makes You Beautiful” parody by Key of Awesome…

I apologize to the poor, unfortunate old souls in our group and other hikers who just wanted to enjoy a good solar eclipse and take good pictures, we must have killed them with our beautiful siren-esque voices.


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