30 May

A group of bloodthirsty ants are attracted to rotten flesh –
With an expressionless face,
I watch the lonely scenery.
Having lost you,
Love and hate start to become clear,
Having lost you,
What else is there to care about?
When the doves no longer represent peace,
I’ve finally been reminded,
That those feeding in the public square plaza are, in fact, vultures.
I use beautiful rhymes
To describe a love that has been plundered empty…

Ah, black clouds begin to obstruct the sky,
The color of the night is unclean.
The echoes of that funeral in the park
Are flying all through the boundless sky.
The white rose that I gave to you
Has withered in this environment of pure darkness.
On branches, the silence of the crows creates a surreal atmosphere.
Listening quietly, my black overcoat yearns to provide you warmth –
A memory that becomes colder with each passing day.
A life that’s gone, that’s walked past life…
Ah, fog fills the air all around –
Ah, I am in the open cemetery –
I’ll still love you when I’m old.

For you, I play Chopin’s Nocturnes
To commemorate this deceased love of mine
Sounding just like a wind in the night,
So heartbreakingly beautiful
My hand strokes the keyboard lightly
The longing that I gave was very tentative
You are buried in the place called the Afterlife.

I play for you Chopin’s Nocturnes,
Commemorating my dead love.
For you, I become anonymous,
Playing the piano under the moonlight.
The feeling of your heartbeat
Is still so warm and clear,
I remember the scarlet imprint of your lips.

Those dragonflies with broken wings,
Are scattered in this forest,
And yet my eyes do not show a single shred of sympathy.
Having lost you,
My tears are murky and blurred,
Having lost you,
Even my smile holds shadows.
The wind on the moss-covered rooftop
Jeers at my sadness
Like a dry, waterless well.
I use a sad but exquisite font
To describe that love which not even regret will bring back..


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