30 May

I was going to make this post about angstiness and friend problems, but then I ended up talking about it with my friend and getting it all out, so there’s nothing I really need to talk about now. It’s just wrong to go back and talk about depressing stuff when I’ve obviously forgotten it all and I’ve been cheered up. Anyway, since I’ve gotten over complaining and depressing about my current group of friends, I wanted to thank the friends I do have. The ones that care, the ones that listen, the ones that answer, that help, that stand up for me and side with me, that I can be myself with and pour my thoughts on. Today it was just one, but there are also many others and I really want to thank you all and tell you how much I appreciate you, even if you aren’t in my actual “friend” group at school that I eat lunch with, or even if you have your own friends. You guys all stand out to me in different ways and it’s really just fun and relieving to be with or talk to you all.

I won’t wish that my current “friends” are like you guys, but I do with that they will be more compassionate and understanding and open, and that I’ll be able to expand my circles and horizons by getting to know more people and perhaps, even leaving a few people behind.


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