Neverending (It never stops)

30 May

“Ever since the first tear cried…”

After the first tear falls, it’s incredibly difficult to stop crying.

Water is polar, tears consist mainly of water. Once tears begin filling up in your eyesockets, the only thing stopping them from falling is that your eyelids are like cups, containers; they need to fill up first before tears start falling. They are the first stage, or checkpoint, before shame, humiliation, and self-reproach. And once they fill up to the brim, the only thing keeping them from pouring is their surface tension. Once they overflow and break surface tension, then all the tears start falling. Infinitely, Inconsolably, Interminably. Because once the first tear traces its path down the shamed and unfortunate individual, the next follows. And the next, and the next. It’s like the container is opened, the waterbreaker is unlocked, the roads and doorways no longer blocked. Adhesion and cohesion, two more properties of water. Water sticks to itself, and once the path is traced, our friend surface tension cannot be of any use anymore. All the tears that built up and that we were hoping, praying, holding back with all of our might, are unleashed. Ready to run rampant and impose the utmost shame upon their owner. And no matter how many times we try to cover up or quickly wipe off the tears or rub our eyes,  the tracks are memorized. They are there for what seems to be an eternity. Impossible to stop, impossible to hold back, inconsolable. No matter what we do or how many times we wipe our eyes, it always seems like our evil tears keep going back over the same routes, keep falling. It seems like the traces are gone from our face, the telltale tracks, but deep inside they are still there. At a cellular level, a molecular level. And the tears, they follow that. It’s like they’re alive, constantly going back and remembering even though we want them to forget. But the tears never forget. But we fail, and sometimes our facade of happiness cracks, our ideal self slips, and we lose control over ourselves both emotionally and spiritually. So no, the tears will never stop falling. Never stop until we die.


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