Little Swallow

1 Jun

“Little Swallow,

Wearing a flower coat,

Flies here every spring

I ask the Swallow,

Why do you come?

The Swallow replies,

The spring here is the most…beautiful

Little Swallow,

I’ll tell you,

This year, this place

Is even more beautiful.

We have built new factories,

Installed new machinery,

To welcome you,

So you can settle down

For good…”

This is a Chinese nursery rhyme from the 1950s, used in the first chapter of Knite, a chinese webcomic manga by Yuumei.

The twisted, delusional irony lies in the fact that people actually truly believed they were making China a better, more beautiful and prosperous place by industializing so rapidly and extremely. Obviously, now we look back and see the immensely detrimental effects of the pollution and chemical waste, which is further portrayed in the webcomic as the title, Knite, refers to an organization of dreamer idealists who hope to bring back the stars to the murky, clouded skies by flying kites with christmas lights hanging from them every night.


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