Further degrees of separation.

1 Jun

The layers of thin screens of LCD and pixels between us do not serve to bring us closer to each other, as social networking sites claim, but farther and farther away from the simplicity and austerity of friendship, close conversations, and sweet memories.

Every picture we edit to make ourselves feel just as pretty as that other girl, every smiley face or fake cliche line we add to our statuses which are supposed to represent our moods and our very thoughts segregates us from other people. They interpret it in a way that doesn’t factor in our humanity, doesn’t consider our imperfections and our real thoughts or motives.

Through a computer screen, or even through a camera lens, we never really get to know someone unless they’re present, right before our eyes, right next to us in some form or another, be it a long distance telephone call, looking back at a picture from twenty years ago, or a chat/hang-out lunch “date” with that cute girl in the opposite cubicle.

Yes, I believe long distance telephone calls are not as severe of a separation as through our computer screens, even when the people are chatting. At least, the two people can hear each others’ voices, and deem if they are trustworthy or credible or determine their mood, attitude, or demeanor from the sound of their voice. There is something physical about listening to someone speak that brings people closer together, no matter how far apart they are in actuality. The two in question listen to each others’ voices and it brings back buried memories of the times they hung out, had fun, and most importantly, brings back the truth of the person’s character. When you talk to a long and dear friend on the phone, you remember exactly who it is he or she is, there is no doubt about the person’s character in your mind, however, looking at their posts or pictures online can so quickly and easily cloud one’s judgment of character and motive.


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