sickness is spreading.

18 Jul

Sick of those same old cliches, sick of unrealistic romance that sets your expectations too high, sick of skinny legs and flat stomachs, sick of pushing glasses up on my nose, sick of people being shallow and annoying, sick of people not speaking up, sick of liars, sick of lies and betrayal, sick of the pain and guilt that comes with being honest, sick of drama and the people who either cause it or desire it, sick of misunderstanding, sick of the same boring rhythms and motions of life, sick of forgetting and sudden memory loss, sick of procrastination and lethargy and heat and suffocation and confinement and laziness, sick of sex and drugs and profanity in media and music, sick of electronic beats and tunes, sick of fake smiles and loud laughter, sick of dirty probing eyes, sick of transparency and transience and powerlessness, sick of cowardice and helplessness, sick of being tired


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