to the girls who are useless and completely dependent on guys and love and kisses to drug themselves and make themselves feel good:

21 Jul

I understand that all those things are a chemical formula for romance at its greatest; elements that give you the most perfect high and out-of-this-world, cloud 9 experience, and let’s you feel like you are on top of the world; that it’s “us against the world”.

But why would you let that all happen just because you are in love with the idea, the notion, of love? The feeling, the looks, the thrill, the heart-racing, the skinship, the edge, the desirability, the flirtatiousness, the attitude, everything else that comes with convincing yourself that you are in love, or fooling your naive little self that you could be, no, are in love. Definitely.


I like him a lot, he’s an amazing person, he’s nice and funny and cute and has a great smile and is a gentleman and knows how to treat me well, I think he is a good match for me or I think he’s  got the prerequisites and credentials for being my boyfriend, he makes my heart race, he’s perfect, and he makes me feel really good about myself, so I’ll just go out with him.

From what I imagine, the chances of boosting a girl’s “acceptance rate” of a guy friend for becoming a boyfriend is obviously, significantly increased when he makes her feel like she’s totally worth it – worth his time, effort, advice, trust, etc. It makes her feel good. It makes her feel important, like a queen. Like she’s his princess or something. Like she means everything to him.

But what I don’t understand is why girls are so desperate to always have a guy at her disposal. Always have a back-up boyfriend, always fall in “love” so easily, always have a date to every dance or party or ball.

Do you need a guy to make you feel better about yourself or better than those other girls? You need a guy to make you seem worth it, desirable, beautiful? Why can’t you make yourself that way? Why can’t you make yourself feel awesome, without messing with your own feelings and emotions and causing a whole shitload of drama for yourself? Why do you have to convince yourself to like someone just because you’re in denial that you just need a guy to be with to make yourself feel good around other people, not because you’re actually not in love with him at all and you just want to make yourself not feel like such a worthless, useless slut. Because that’s what you are, or if you think that’s too harsh, because sometimes it is, you’re just someone who is overly dependent upon other things to make yourself feel good.

Using someone, especially their feelings, to make yourself feel better and more complete and more alive, is taking advantage of him, in every sense of the word. Just because tons of people do it doesn’t mean it’s okay. Hell, tons of people smoke weed and tons of people are complete and utter idiots, but neither of those things are okay.

What I suggest is that you should take a good, long, clear look at yourself and ask yourself about your feelings. Are you really in love with him and want to be with him for the rest of your life? Or do you not even see yourself being with him in the next couple of years? Can you not even imagine getting married with the person? Does showing off in front of other boys or your girlfriends make you feel better than hanging out with the person you’re dating? Do you have a back-up person, to take you to your dances and balls and crap? Because if you do, you may want to confront yourself about it. And try to not be so fake and dependent on other people.

Cuz hey, once you’re  older and not as desirable or pretty, you might be left for some prettier girl, and then your entire man-dependent life will topple down.


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