on opinions, open-mindedness, and conforming.

22 Jul

I have to ask myself daily, even when thinking the simplest of thoughts or stating my opinion on a subject, how many of those were influenced by the words or opinions of others and I just somehow, unconsciously, incorporated those into my brain, my life, my opinion, my way of thinking, unconsciously trying to fit in or be accepted or conform without even a second thought. Until, well, now. Think about it. How many things in your life are shaped by your inner desire to conform and shave off the sharp opinions and be more “open-minded”, because a lot of times, being open-minded means to subject yourself to all the opinions and thoughts and ways of thinking that is popular or of the norm? We say being “open-minded” is something great, but isn’t being able to develop opinions for yourself even better? I believe true open-mindedness stems from yourself, not others. True, we’re biased on opinions we accept and believe to be true, but if the opposing side gives a viable argument, and you realize it makes, or can make, more sense than your own, you try to look for the truth or at the very least, a middle ground between the two. Open-mindedness now is too much of an apathetic thing, people just don’t care as much or they are too okay with everything. Stubborn, opinionated people at least know how to make opinions in the first place, and obviously don’t just simply conform.

So I believe people who find themselves to be easily influenced, changeable, indecisive, or people who have strong desires to conform, fit in, or aren’t extremely opinionated, should really question essential fundamental parts of their way of thinking or reinforced opinions that are in accordance with the opinions of everyone else around them.


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