free and fleeting wind

23 Aug

Your eyes glimmered, modest and inconspicuously,
like the sun through the monsoon, in diaphanous
simplicity, a pure elegance.

Beauty this innocent is rarely glimpsed upon in this
earth, you are as fleeting as the lilies of the valley
and as demure as the doe.

Though compassionate and ardent, in matters of the
heart you were elusive, your heart was ever tucked
away in a crystalline vault.

Perhaps it is this harmonious kinship with nature’s
spirit that remembers its cruel indifference, prefers
pleasantries and simplicity.

You lock your heart away with thorns and brambles
loose your soul in eternal ebbing waves of the sea
for life in tranquil aesthete.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder
which you say is the reason you go; I attribute this
upon wind and wanderlust.

Dauntless, you said, is the torch of humanity, we
too easily loose ourselves amongst crashing waves
enthralled by Siren’s voices.

Yet you chase after the invisible, nonexistent, you
search for your home: of silence, solitude, solace;
of peaceful convalescence.

You were wrong: my love for you burns brighter than
Sun, stars, and their luminescent glory, but you are the
wind: fantasy, ephemeral.

Beating heart locked in labyrinthine chambers, yet you
are free as the wind, evanescent wanderer, and one
cannot romance the wind.


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