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I Hate Church…

23 Sep

I Hate Church….

This post is amazing and so true. We as Christians really need to evaluate our lives and how (and if) we are shining the light of Jesus into others’ lives. Are we shutting them out from the light, shunning people who aren’t like us, who live in “darkness”? Or are we spreading the light, spreading truth, to people who are just like us, but lost and broken?

I see “Christians” standing on street corners and in front of convention halls downtown with large speakers, telling people, yelling at people, screaming that random passerbys or convention cosplayers and attendees are going to hell. Saying things to homosexual/LGBTQA people that their ways are disgusting or dirty or whatever.

I just want to scream back: No. YOU are the liar. You are the one who is lost, misguided, wrong, all those horrible things you call those other people. You shouldn’t be judging.

Instead of shutting people out, we need to let people in. We need to spread the love, not kill it. Not try to cut it off, burn it down, bury it six-feet-under so that we don’t have to deal with issues or problems.

Our gospel, first and foremost, is about Love. Goodness. That’s what gospel means, right? The good news? Well, the good news isn’t that we’re trying to stop gay marriage or get rid of gang members or abortion or whatever. We’re trying to bring people to God, so that they can experience his love, his goodness, his warmth, not so that they can be constantly humiliated and judged and cussed at. We’re all sinners, we all make mistakes, we’re HUMAN. Only God knows our hearts. So who are we to judge?