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novel and writer’s block.

16 Nov

I have been thinking about this novel I want to write ALL DAY LONG for like the past…forever. And it’s soooo annoying nothing I think of for the actual plot is good enough. It’s usually like that for all my novels, but this one is actually more developed. I’m actually thinking about two old stories I thought of a longg time ago: one about a cursed girl with a black rose branding, and the other is about a dystopian world where children are snatched up to the government and used as experimental subjects. I LOVE dystopian novels. I’ve been wanting to write one ever since I read Rabbit Doubt (horror manga) and Deadman Wonderland. I have not read Hunger Games yet, but I REALLYYY want to, and I just saw the trailer. So I really want to write an actual dystopian novel before I start reading or watching any (to not get influenced too much and stuff).

Also, I’m just about to read Fahrenheit 451 and I just read an excerpt of The Pedestian by Ray Bradbury. I hope Fahrenheit 451 is a GOOD book. Omg. Fingers crossed.

I really want to post my plot on here but idk. Haha, no one but Erin reads this anyways, so… xD

for now, I’ll write a blog post of my novel on private, and share it after it gets more developed. perchance.