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If… (an original)

26 Jul

If I knelt by your bedside every night

Whispered love songs by morning light,

If I was rich and handsome and strong,

Would it e’er have been me that you long?

If I plucked the stars from the sky

Was fun or spontaneous instead of shy,

If I protected you from all life’s harms

Would I have held you in my arms?

If I did everything in my power

Simply to give you your favorite flower,

Would you have ever considered me,

Or come back if I set you free?

If you could only turn around,

Look at my face, let me be found,

I would do all these and more

It is you that I live for.

Oh, dearest self: so foolish, so silly –

How dare you think she would have looked at me?

For all the “ifs” in all the world,

Would never have her eyelids unfurled.

Now she is buried six feet underground

And she will never come around.


Is this too cheesy? I have another blog on Tumblr that I created yesterday that is solely for writing poems and short stories. I’m thinking about publishing this on my Tumblr blog, but I’m not sure, because it’s so cheesy and cliche, and it’s the first rhyming poem I’ve written in a long time. So, yes or no?

The line that says:

It is you that I live for.

was originally

If you would love me to the core

or something like that.

But I have a feeling that that is just as cheesy.

See, this is why I try to stay away from rhyming poetry. At least, consecutive lines that are rhyming. Sonnets are perfect. ❤

Please check out my poetry and writing blog!


a revolution to forget.

18 Jul

I stare at the glass. Inside are the images of who we once were, what we have lost, those we cherished and betrayed. A pang of guilt squeezes my insides, but I remind myself of how far I have come and all that I — we — have sacrificed to get here. And I know that I cannot look back, or hold onto the past. It is lost. It is gone. I must move on, for the sake of our futures, for the sake of our world. Life and ignorance is the burden I must bear, and my resolve hardens. Teeth clenched and body stiffened, I grab the ancient and cold mirror, the glass canvas that always remembers, always reminds, and toss it out of the window of the 18th story. I stand there for a while, muscles loosening, eyes shutting slowly, as if for a second, I can simply forget the world, everything. Then I hear the crash — a sharp and dreaded screech, knocking me out of my reverie, and I turn my back, not daring to look back at the shattered glass and forsaken memories, as my consciousness ruthlessly drags me back to the world. The world that contains all my sins and lies and betrayals, that no matter how hard I and the rest of us try to forget, will always somehow follow us as a burden, a shadow encroaching upon new, renewed life. But it is not the same world any longer — the world is changing, it has already evolved into something bigger, something greater, something new and pure and beautiful. A blank canvas.

The revolution is over. And it is time to forget, time to start over, time to live and be free. For the sake of our future — humanity’s future.

Clinging upon my only hope.

6 May

I’d like to hold onto this hope for a little while longer before being hit by reality.

If you ask me that question, I’d have to be forced to give a direct, solid answer.

But please, please let me dream just a little while longer; I know it is not much,

But it’s life-giving and empowering; something to cling onto during these times.

Because sowing the seeds of hope and wishes and letting them grow will allow

Life to truly bloom to the fullest, no matter what fate and destiny’s verdicts are;

I believe the saddest parts of life are when seeds are crushed before they had a

Chance to grow, shine, and bloom — so look up at the skies toward the heavens:

The stars are your possibilities, so don’t reject the opportunity for newness and

Change too quickly, as change shapes and molds our lives but also provides the

Variety for a full, colorful garden of endless blessings and glorious possibilities.

when things change…

21 Apr

It’s a terrible feeling to find out that people change, that things around us are not as solid, safe, secure as they seem, that things are just one misstep from falling apart or fading away. We humans are beings that look forward to and depend upon the constancy of things and people in our daily lives. We are relational beings, we set in roots in places and we expect them to grow and blossom in our future lives. No matter what people say, we don’t really like adventure. We may like the sudden, precarious thrills of adventure, but deep down, where things are important, when the fantastical dreams and chimerical tales of our lives are over and gone, we want something real and sturdy: we want security and comfort and a solid sheltered place to call our home. We want family waiting for us to welcome us with open arms, friends who will be with us and support us, a place that we know will be safe and salubrious. Those things of solidity, things we put our trust in to never fail us, never forsake us, things we believe will always be there…we need them. We need them to constantly reaffirm who we are, we need their support and confidence and trust, we need them to see through us to our inner selves and remind us be who we truly are. We need people and things to remind us that we are not what the world tells us we are, but ourselves, and those are the things that keep us on our right path in life, they guide us and help us to truly see and understand what we have to do in life, what our purpose is, etcetera. But the truth is that things change. People constantly are revising their views, things we depend on change and disappear, heck, we change. Sometimes people or things that meant so much to us the past has come to mean nothing to us. Things we used to love or feel so much ardor for have faded away into the void. People we used to trust unconditionally, we now suspect or doubt.

Perhaps you have felt this way about someone or something in your life, perhaps you’ve come back or maybe even stepped back and taken a closer look into your life or the lives of others around you, maybe you’ve read between the lines and discovered that things you as have always thought are really not what they seem. People you thought would never do anything to hurt someone else, or even yourself, are and have been doing it for a while now. Without even a second thought. Why do they fall back on contradicting their character? Why do they do things like this now? Have they been pushed into a corner in their lives, blinded with no other way out? But they were once so perfect, they never made any great mistakes, they were people we would hope to be like when we grow older, people who inspired and motivated us to become better people. How could they do that to themselves, let themselves get away with compromising their true, righteousness or authenticity? People change, things change, values and morals change, the world changes, doctrines change, what people consider to be the truth changes… That’s just the way it is. But humans cannot be surrounded with constancy. They need something strong and firm to hold them up, even when people fail you, even when your loved ones betray you, even when the world abandons you.

I am not going to talk about god(s), or faith, or religion, but I do want you guys to think about things in your life. Are they solid, safe, and secure; enough for you to build your life upon? Or are they transient, fleeting, fallible, insecure, shakeable, conditional, temporary, ephemeral?

angel, art.

12 Feb

Church pictures:

I just copy/drew this. It’s so pretty, I copied the entire art style. I drew it with pencil. No eraser, because I lost mine -_-. I love this picture and the sketch-y effect to it, so I didn’t try to make mine a clean sketch version of it. it looks so much better this way.

I won’t post mine, because it’s not in pen and if i scan it it won’t show up well, but here’s the original ❤

from: thedesignlanguage sketchpad's blogspot


Let it burn.

20 Jan

I set fire to the rain,
Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
‘Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
And I felt something died
‘Cause I knew that there was the last time, the last time!

Sometimes I wake up by the door,
That heart you caught must be waiting for you
Even now when we’re already over
I can’t help myself from looking for you.

Let it burn…! (x3)

20 Jan

When my time comes,

forget the wrongs that I’ve done

help me leave behind some

reasons to be missed.