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Heartbreaking Romance.

26 Jul

Oh, heartbreaking romance,

why must you

laugh and point

and rip our poor hearts to shreds?


If… (an original)

26 Jul

If I knelt by your bedside every night

Whispered love songs by morning light,

If I was rich and handsome and strong,

Would it e’er have been me that you long?

If I plucked the stars from the sky

Was fun or spontaneous instead of shy,

If I protected you from all life’s harms

Would I have held you in my arms?

If I did everything in my power

Simply to give you your favorite flower,

Would you have ever considered me,

Or come back if I set you free?

If you could only turn around,

Look at my face, let me be found,

I would do all these and more

It is you that I live for.

Oh, dearest self: so foolish, so silly –

How dare you think she would have looked at me?

For all the “ifs” in all the world,

Would never have her eyelids unfurled.

Now she is buried six feet underground

And she will never come around.


Is this too cheesy? I have another blog on Tumblr that I created yesterday that is solely for writing poems and short stories. I’m thinking about publishing this on my Tumblr blog, but I’m not sure, because it’s so cheesy and cliche, and it’s the first rhyming poem I’ve written in a long time. So, yes or no?

The line that says:

It is you that I live for.

was originally

If you would love me to the core

or something like that.

But I have a feeling that that is just as cheesy.

See, this is why I try to stay away from rhyming poetry. At least, consecutive lines that are rhyming. Sonnets are perfect. ❤

Please check out my poetry and writing blog!

I am Hungry: (symmetry poem)

14 Apr

Hungry for things I want and for things I do not want.

For things I want to keep and hold and feel:

Things that light up my world and shine brighter from the inside out.

Things that make me warm, things that are

Worth no less than the main sustenance of life.

For things I want to disappear inside the fathomless abyss:

For things of anger that wreak havoc upon hearts and torment minds.

For things of bitterness that cloud daily life,

Things of awkward and insecure nature,

The inexorable mutterings of a worrisome soul.

wow, Owl City REALLY helps with writing poems lol

13 Oct

I was just listening to his music and I got this awesome inspiration for a poem!

Now I just have to write it…xD

Last time I went on a poem spree/rampage, I was listening to Owl City too! Idk, it really helps me to listen to music when I write poems, but not pop music or anything like that. Not light rock or romance or alternative either, because it feels like those sway you to write in a certain way or about a certain thing, like love or relationships or people or life in that way.

But I like to listen to Owl City because his songs really unleash your imagination, because all of them are about totally strange, abstract ways of depicting and illustrating everyday things and feelings. His songs always seem very curious and they are slightly uplifting in a totally strange way. You just feel happy, not in a super crazy-high laughing kind of way, but a content, feel nice inside way. Like life is all great. Hahaha. No matter what his song is about, or how strange the lyrics are.

After I write all my poems, and make them all nice, I’ll post them on here. 😉

Lol, just wondering, do you guys like my poetry? hahahaha (lol and it’s okay if you say no. I know a lot of the ones i post are random and silly. those usually have to go with inside jokes with my friends though)

If you do, which ones are your favorite and why? :))

Comment! ❤ S’il vous plait?


P.S. What are your favorite poems and/or poets? I want to read and know more poetry. (:

Life (1/2 original poem)

7 Sep

Fleeting and short

But some you hold dear

Pure and sweet

Like bells chiming for all to hear.



Written by me and Erin. 🙂

Sleep. (original poem)

7 Sep

Spirits of the wind fly by

Gently brushing porcelain naiads

Sleeping on their bed of dew drops.

Found within Darkness (original poem)

7 Sep

Only in the darkest of nights

Will one gaze upon veins of silvery translucent faerie wings

And the angels sprinkle starlight over the heavens.