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a revolution to forget.

18 Jul

I stare at the glass. Inside are the images of who we once were, what we have lost, those we cherished and betrayed. A pang of guilt squeezes my insides, but I remind myself of how far I have come and all that I — we — have sacrificed to get here. And I know that I cannot look back, or hold onto the past. It is lost. It is gone. I must move on, for the sake of our futures, for the sake of our world. Life and ignorance is the burden I must bear, and my resolve hardens. Teeth clenched and body stiffened, I grab the ancient and cold mirror, the glass canvas that always remembers, always reminds, and toss it out of the window of the 18th story. I stand there for a while, muscles loosening, eyes shutting slowly, as if for a second, I can simply forget the world, everything. Then I hear the crash — a sharp and dreaded screech, knocking me out of my reverie, and I turn my back, not daring to look back at the shattered glass and forsaken memories, as my consciousness ruthlessly drags me back to the world. The world that contains all my sins and lies and betrayals, that no matter how hard I and the rest of us try to forget, will always somehow follow us as a burden, a shadow encroaching upon new, renewed life. But it is not the same world any longer — the world is changing, it has already evolved into something bigger, something greater, something new and pure and beautiful. A blank canvas.

The revolution is over. And it is time to forget, time to start over, time to live and be free. For the sake of our future — humanity’s future.