take me somewhere, far, far away, where we can dance until the world ends.

22 Oct

I wonder if it’ll look like fireworks – a spectacular nighttime light show for another planet, far away. And I’m sure they’ll have a party, a majestic outdoor dance/party while the night sky becomes sprinkled/saturated with stardust, planet dust, pixie dust, and silver moon shards… and secret lovers will kiss, enshrouded in the fantasy twilight explosion.

Perhaps our souls will  even be transported to another planet, a planet with no need for physical bodies…so we’ll take on the form or true shape of our soul, or be embodied in our perfect nature. Or maybe we’ll become one of those stars in the night sky, shooting stars would be lost or desperately-searching lovers looking for their other half. What if all the stars in the night sky were souls that once lived, people who once existed, their legacy and memories sealed into shining bright stars, never to be forgotten?


well, wouldn’t that be pretty..


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