23 Feb

I may be wasting my time and not getting anything done, but it’s better than all the other ways I could be wasting time.

If you’re curious as to how I spent the first few days of my break, on Monday I went to San Francisco with my parents πŸ™‚ It was fun, we took lots of pics (maybe I’ll post a few) and I ate an ice cream sundae (banana hot fudge) at Ghiradelli.

Yesterday (Tuesday) marked the start of my non-productivity: I spent like over 10 hours reading. I started and finished City of Ashes, and last night, at approximately 1:30am, I started reading City of Glass. And I stopped two hours later, at about page 100something (yes, I read slowly.)…and passed out. sigh, why do I torture myself? All this self-inflicted pain and self-destructiveness. And what makes me mad is because it’s self-inflicted,Β  I can’t complain. Well, I do anyways. But I’m not justified in it. Which makes me furious.

My current/immediate reading list:

City of Glass (reading)

Catching Fire


…these ones are in no particular order:

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Titan’s Curse

A Game of Thrones

The Roar

Some of those I reallyyyy want to read right now (like A Game of Thrones!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH *explodes* -> watch me start it and give up because I think it’s boring >.<), but they’re too long, and I have books that I borrowed from people (Martian Chronicles, Titan’s Curse) so I should read those soonish, because I take forever to read normally, and I feel bad to keep books for that long (except from AerPanguin E.P., I can keep her books FOREVERRRRRRR. XD).Β  And the other books I want to read because I need to finish the series: Titan’s Curse, Hunger Games trilogy.


3 Responses to “reading.”

  1. eri February 23, 2012 at 5:53 am #

    that’s not wasting time. Reading is always good and productive no matter what else you have to do.

    but guess what poor me did on monday? I slept almost all day with a 100-102 degree fever. so yeah.

    did u guys go shopping today?

    • cherryblossomraine February 24, 2012 at 12:35 am #

      haha, but it is when I know I should be doing homework and I read to escape doing the things I have to do. -______- and once I start I can’t go back, can’t not read. I give into myself and my laziness and hatred of work too easily.
      i finished city of ashes and city of angels in two days, proud? hahahahaahhaha πŸ™‚ i liked the romance. it might be a bit too….”sexy”/”grosssss” for your taste. theres no inappropriate stuff though. I am just a sucker for romantic stuff πŸ˜›
      lol…that sucks. are you still sick? gahhh everyone is sick! i’m getting my voice back ❀ YAY I'M SO HAPPY but i still can't totally sing some high notes.
      and no, i didn't go shopping with the gang, because no one said they'd show up. I was going to, but i told them i'd be late because i would be eating @ a buffet at eastridge mall with my uncle for his bday. (IT WAS REALLY GOOD) but then jeanelle said she might not go cuz she was hella sick and pri and you weren't going, and pooj prob wouldnt go if pri wouldn't, plus she didn't respond to any of the emails. so…if it was just gonna be me and allison, it wouldn't be fun or worth it. plus, i already went depressed-shopping and spent all my money, and I just got a sweaterdress at the new three-story forever 21 in san francisco. πŸ™‚ i really wanted a light trench-coat style jacket, but S was all they had and it was too big for me. i'll look for it online.

      sigh, i just feel like I can't do anything people want/expect me to do. DSKFJASLKFJASKFLJ we should keep each other accountable. because i can't do it for myself.
      i have an essay to do, an application, macbeth to study, two weeks of math homework to do, speech and debate duo piece to block, recut, and rememorize, and practice for a coaching on sunday with an adult.
      but i can't bring myself to do it. omg i feel like i've died the past few days, and reading was just a form of spending/wasting time. theres no relaxation or fun, and i can't sleep, even when i'm hella tired and my eyes hurt and im in dire need of it.
      i can't even tell how much my eyes hurt anymore, which i have a feeling is a very bad thing because it hurt for a long time before that.

    • cherryblossomraine February 24, 2012 at 12:40 am #

      I guess the one good thing that came out of this was that I like reading again and i actually finished a series. kind of, because the next book of the mortal instruments isn’t out yet, city of fallen angels. although, i don’t know what it’d be about, because the antagonists are all gone now. ha. (is that a spoiler? i guess that’s a spoiler..) though i’d love to see how Jace and Clary’s romance turns out ❀

      don't you love that name? Jace? I've always thought of "Jayce" but that seems kinda girly… like "Jaycee" which is a girl's name.
      anyways, i've been having scattered thoughts about my story, and its really annoying me that i can't think of it, but my brain really is totally dead for the past few days, so i couldn't. gah.

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